Important information!!!
After recent YouTube format changes, it is no longer possible to watch podcasts via website! But all functionality that was available here (and even more) is available in standalone RSSHANDLER application (also done by me). You can find more details about issue and plans in blog here, you can aslo ask questions in comments there.

What it is?

Here you can subscribe to Youtube channel podcasts and favorites RSS video feeds in FLV and MP4 formats. There is also video format suitable for playing in PSP. You can also download individual Youtube videos in these formats.


How to do it?

Just go to this page and enter Youtube channel name or your user name. You will get new video podcast RSS feed URL, just copy it into your feed reader or podcast application and start using it.

If you don't know where to find YouTube channels, you can read about it here.

To download video, go to download page and enter Youtube video URL and click Generate. You will get new video URL, just click it to download or copy URL to download it later.


YouTube has it's own video RSS, why this site is needed?

YouTube RSS feed items come as embedded Flash players. This is usefull if you want to view them on the Internet with some online feed reader, but it is not ok for offline viewers, where you fetch feed items and view them later without connection to Internet. For example this can be usefull for podcast programs in mobile phones or PSP. So with such phone, you can subscribe to YouTube feed here, simply download items while you are at home through Wi-Fi and watch them on the go later.

You can also get links to YouTube as FLV and MP4 to download videos to your computer or mobile phone via Nokia Mobile Code or short links. You can create such links here.


What software it was tested with?

This service was created for Nokia Podcast software. It was tested with

It should work with any player that supports FLV or MP4 and has podcast, so most of the latest Nokia phones should be supported. Please let me know if it works with some other software or phone.